Friday, 15 November 2013 01:42

"Gettin' It" - the Bodega Brovas

I'm not sure which I enjoyed more, the video to the Bodega Brovas' song "Gettin' It" or the song itself. And I mean that as a compliment.

"Gettin It" is about getting respect, attention, and an audience. And if this song is a measure, then the trio deserves all three. Armed with some witty word play and more than a few cultural references, the Bodega Brovas aren't afraid to make their feelings known. 'Like a 30 year old virgin, they are tired of getting jerked ...' so it's time for action, they wont' be held down anymore, they are ready to carry the torch. 

The song is an anthem for any group that's toiled underground and has been trying fiercely to get it. Get on. Get noticed. Get Paid.

All this against the backdrop of a tongue-in-cheek highly spirited and humorous video. That's artistry - taking yourself seriously but not too seriously. The Bodega Brovas are "Gettin' It," and you should too ...

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Monday, 11 November 2013 22:03

"Crazy Love" - Klass Money ft. Leila Capri

They say that men give love to have sex and women give sex to get love. The line between those two ideas are blended and blurred on Klass Money's sex-driven "Crazy Love."

What could've descended into another song about a rapper's sexual prowess - those songs are a dime a dozen - melts into a song where the making love leads to falling in love. 

Songs like this don't work without a strong hook and a pretty voice to sing it. Fortunately, "Crazy Love" has both. Featured artist Leila Capri rises to the occasion and serenades (sounding a bit like Amerie). 

The production values are strong and the rhymes are nice.

 Lots of songs like this come my way. This one is one of my favorites.


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Sunday, 10 November 2013 17:48

"Yacila" - Mayta

Mayta recently won Best Tejano Act as the 25th Dallas Observer Music Awards. But one listen to the song "Yacila" and you quickly realize that the word "tejano" is much too restrictive to describe Mayta's sound. "Yacila" is immistakably Latin -infused and influenced - but from which country, who's to say? The group seems to have created a fusion of carribbean, latin, and a bit of funk in this offering. But that describes "Yacila," one of the songs on their EP "Antropofago." Give "Bruja" a listen and suddenly their Latin sound has a rock edge.

So kudos to Mayta for the win. But trust and know that Mayta has more to offer than tejano music. This group has a sound of its own, and that sound defies labeling. 


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I had never thought of Norah Jones as soulful. And maybe that was my mistake. I'll own it. But in 2008 she laid down the sexy and soulful hook on Q-Tip's "Life is Better" and I was forced to rethink Ms. Jones.

Norah continues to prove how soulful she is in this coupling with Grammy Award winning pianist Robert Glasper. The beauty of Glasper's playing and the vibe of Jones' voice creates a scintillating tune that makes you want to turn the lights low and chill. It's a delicious song that you could easily replay again and again. And again.

It's only weakness is that it's capped by some Wayne Brady shtick. The lines are pretty funny but they seem out of place on the song. And I hate when I love a song but can't include it on my iPod playlist because the artist has opted to include needless chatter at the end of the song.

In this case, the sin is almost forgivable. This song is so good, I think I might be able to "Let It Ride." 


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