Kaskade, Tiesto, and Haley? Need I say more? It's Saturday evening and here's another one of my favorite electronica songs. It's a shame that these classics are relegated to clubs ...

Give the song a listen. You'll be singing along to the romantic hook before it's even finished. Or you'll be dancing across your living room floor. 

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It's Saturday, and the throwback joint of the week is "Superman" by Black Coffee and featuring South African artist Bucie.

"Superman" is a fine example of downtempo house. It's too fast for a slow dance and too slow for a fast dance. But it's just the right tempo for a chill get-together with friends and lovers. (Or maybe both. At the same time, of course!)

I don't know much about Bucie,  save the fact that she dropped a song last year called "Get Over it." It was also house and it got a very mild reception on YouTube. Not to say it's not a good song. It is. But "Superman" is better. 

So if you're chillin' tonight and in the mood for some cool grooves, check out the remix. It goes down nice, easy, and smooth, like a good downtempo song should do. Better yet, call someone over and let he/she/them enjoy it with you. 

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