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New Music Releases February 2014

Most of these songs are available on iTunes or Bandcamp. Please check back as we update you on the most recent releases.


"Slingers" - Rob Marciano and Knowledge the Pirate have a hot collabo and a new song from the mixtape "The Pimpire Strikes Back."

"What Is To Be Major" - Barsheem, soulful NY crooner, releases his album on the most appropriate of days – Valentine's Day.

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Saturday, 01 February 2014 20:45

New Music Releases Oct-Dec 2013


Most of these songs are available on iTunes or Bandcamp. Please check back as we update you on the latest releases and their availability.

"Kill Me"- Klass Money is one of FL's fastest-rising rappers; this song is accompanied by a video with a "dope visual style."

"Alright" - Bryan Poppin new song features Tamela Mann, and together they raise the proverbial gospel roof.

"Lipstick On Her Cigar" - Chris Robinson and his guitar strum the sadness of the blues.

"Anyday" - Alexis Jones, Raleigh, NC, songstress, belts out adult-oriented R&B melodies.

"Someplace On Earth" - the Downtown Fiction sings for "losers and kings" on this buoyant pop-rock fusion.

"Bad Company" - John Beezy reps Drop Boy Records in his new song and video.

"Pay Your Tab" - RC & the Gritz releases their debut album to rave reviews.

"BLVD" - Nayah shows Dallas how to take to the boulevard with a song fit for the dance club.

"Alone" - Love Brooklyn claims to be alone. But I'm sure that their myriad of female fans would disagree that they are alone or better off that way.

"Wrecking Ball" - Tom Bertram's version isn't available for purchase. But the cover of Miley Cyrus is worth the listen.

"Enjoy: Like: Love" - Malice and Mario Sweet release an album in celebration of their wedding anniversary and birth of a child.

"Grammar" - Body Language, NY-based electronica/soul quartet, releases another album featuring hits "Just Because" and "Well Absolutely."

"Rent" - Brian Hazard gives away free copies of his unique brand of synthpop.

"Right Mistake" - Shawn Mayer isn't afraid to be sinful when she makes a mistake. She also isn't afraid to rock out.

"Success" - Young Rado spits a positive message on his latest single.


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Thursday, 07 November 2013 00:19

"Full Frequency" - Sean Paul

If someone put a gun to my head, I couldn't name any reggae artists (outside the Marley family) that have had a consistently strong career in the US. I certainly don't want someone testing that theory, I'm just sayin'.

Reggae artists of varying quality have taken the R&B charts - and sometimes the POP charts too -  by storm, only to disappear after one or two albums. Sometimes after only one or two singles.

Sean Paul, who has a new album "Full Frequency" coming out soon, is on that list. In 2002 and 2005, Sean Paul had multi platinum albums, propelled to the top by hits like "Temperature" and "Get Busy." (I liked 'em both.) And then, as it goes with reggae artists, he fell off the charts.

Did he stop recording? Nah, he's released a couple albums since. But neither sold anywhere near the previous two releases. And most of us couldn't name any songs from them.

Sean is back at it again. And this time he has artists like 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Prince Royce, and Damien Marley to help him. Rappers aside, he sounds just like he did in 2005 - the last time he charted on the POP or R&B charts. On the other hand, at the rate we seem to bore of reggae artists, that may not be a good thing. If you like reggae and you like Sean Paul, give it a listen. These days I prefer Gyptian.

Not all the songs are available. But best bet, thus far: "Turn It Up."

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