Sunday, 10 November 2013 17:48

"Yacila" - Mayta

Mayta recently won Best Tejano Act as the 25th Dallas Observer Music Awards. But one listen to the song "Yacila" and you quickly realize that the word "tejano" is much too restrictive to describe Mayta's sound. "Yacila" is immistakably Latin -infused and influenced - but from which country, who's to say? The group seems to have created a fusion of carribbean, latin, and a bit of funk in this offering. But that describes "Yacila," one of the songs on their EP "Antropofago." Give "Bruja" a listen and suddenly their Latin sound has a rock edge.

So kudos to Mayta for the win. But trust and know that Mayta has more to offer than tejano music. This group has a sound of its own, and that sound defies labeling. 


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