Thursday, 25 September 2014 23:29

Sober - Nayah

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Nayah is back with her new single solo. And it would seem that the relationship that she craved on her last single has gone awry. Because tonight, she's drowning in a bottle of moscato because she "hates being sober."

Nayah is daring to become Dallas's pop princess with a steady output of radio-friendly singles that deserve some radio attention. 

She hasn't strayed from her formula here; and that's a good thing. Her voice still recalls Rihanna but also sounds uniquely Nayah. The song has a strong emotional center that becomes more affective as the song continues. 

Nayah sings that "you never gave enough ..." But she is giving every time she takes the mic. Nayah loves the music, and it's crystal clear.


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