Thursday, 01 May 2014 14:14

"Why Did You Leave" - DaLYC

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I was sifting through recent Twitter followers and came across "Why Did You Leave" by DaLYC. It's a trio driven, mid-tempo groove, bereft with enough runs for an Olympic track. It also has a 90's throwback feel; it sounds a bit like something Shai or Jagged Edge would've done. I mean that as a compliment. They exhibit range and vocal talent: Listen to "Sick and Tired" and you'll find it to be both dramatic and soulful. 

While all the vocalists on the track are credible artists, it's the voice of the tenor/baritone (starts in second stanza) that adds the soul to this R&B ditty. The background vocals give the song more depth and layers as well, and, the emotional crescendo at the end is greatly appreciated.

My final comment is that this is "grown folks" music; it's R&B adult contemporary. And that's a refreshing change from most of the overly sexual lyrics (and techniques) provided by most youthful R&B artists nowadays.



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