Saturday, 12 April 2014 15:30

"Going Down" - Spider Rockets

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New Jersey based group Spider Rockets have released their first video: "Going Down," it's the lead single from their upcoming album Bitten.

"Going Down" is old-fashion rock-and-roll: gutteral vocals, raging guitars, drummer in full throttle, attitude for days, and sexual innuendo.

Speaking of innuendo, I listened to "Going Down" about an half dozen times in a row. I'd hate to think that I'm slow on the uptake but I did want to make sure that "going down" was exactly what I thought it was.

My verdict? Considering that the lead singer, Helena Cos, rants, "Push just a little farther, drop it in much deeper ..." I'm thinking that - before the night is through - someone is going down. And I think that we'd all agree that going down is almost always a good thinig ... 


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