Tuesday, 05 November 2013 03:37

"How I Feel" - Flo Rida

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Flo Rida, the sample king, is back with his latest song "How I Feel." And like most of his ditties, it contains an interpolation of someone else's song. Yes, he has done it again.  He has remixed Nina Simone and her classic "Feeling Good" with a song of his own. I gotta say, I was immediately irritated. The sample seems to desecrate the song. Nina's song is about freedom, hope, liberty. Flo's song is about excess, cash, and bling. Geez! Times like this I wonder, is sampling a display of creativity or a lack of it? But that's another blog. 

Regardless of how I feel about Flo Rida's endless samples, he has managed to turn them into hits. He sampled Brenda Russell in "I Cry," he sampled Dead of Alive in "Right Round," and Etta James in "Good Feeling." All those songs went multi-platinum. So maybe Flo's motto is, "if it ain't broke, why fix it?

As for me, I was gritting my teeth through most of "How I Feel." But I have to admit that the beat was somewhat ingratiating and by the time I got over the sacrilege of  including Nina in this song, I began to tap my foot to the tune. I'm guessing that was somewhere around the 2.17 mark of a 2.50 minute song ...


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