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Nathan Fox Music

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When I listen to Nathan Fox's music, I always imagine myself in New Orleans - where the purity of music is only surpassed by the number of residents who love great songs and sounds. 

Nathan's raspy voice, lyrics, and blend of blues and folk are an homage to similar artists who have come before him, but more importantly are a display of his own talent and, clearly, his love of music.

The more delicate "Losing Hope" is made even more affecting by his choice to harmonize with his female lead (Caitlin Rose), although she doesn't lead any verses. They are losing hope. 'But they won't let go.'

In the humorous "Devil and the Hourglass," Nathan learns that if you mess with the Devil (who sounds very much like a beautiful femme-fatale to this critic) you'll end up getting burned.

And you can almost dance - almost! - to the grooves of "I Can't Hang."

Nathan Fox is a talented singer songwriter. Check him and his new website out. You'll be glad you did; and I read somewhere he'll give you a free download. Sounds like a fair exchange to me. 


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