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"Little Darling" - Paper Cranes

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One of my dilemnas is that I'm not always able to find information on the artists I stumble across. My guess is that if it's a dilemna for me, it's a bigger dilemna for them. How does an independent artists get his or her name out there (the universe) without major backing? There are scores AND SCORES of talented artists grinding out quality music that will get heard by very few people. (Just as there are wonderful writers who will never have a best-seller.)

All that brings me to Paper Cranes and their song "Little Darling." The song is a blend of folk and alternative with an emotional and soulful undercurrent. The lead singer's tenor beckons for a repeat listen as he admonishes his little darling how to save her soul. I compelled to believe he's referring to her emotional soul, not her spiritual one. 

And that's all I got for you. I don't know much about Paper Cranes. This is the first single from their second album, (wild guess there!) and they are from New Zealand.

But hey! My job is to point out the good music I hear. It's up to you to go out buy and support ... 


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