Thursday, 26 December 2013 17:41

"Feels Like Home"- Melissa Polinar

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Melissa Polinar strums the guitar, her vocals are crystal clear,and her lyrics are introspective and thoughtful. She's akin to India Arie; her lyrics about growing, about positivity, and self-reflection are as important as the music itself.

On "Feels Like Home," she laments, "Tried using credit cards to fill my empty heart. And now, my wallet is empty ..."

On "Happy," she chooses to "live life and just be happy."

On "Never Change," she shows off some of the many colors of her voice. 

This is a fine collection of songs, served as well in a coffee shop as they would be over the radio. They are designed to make you feel warm and comfortable. And really, that's how home should feel. 


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