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"All You Girls" - Vesta

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They say that everything eventually comes back in style. I hope that's not true. There are several things that are gone and should stay gone. Fanny packs and gerri curls top that list. But in music, of late, there's been a resurgence of the retro 60's sound. Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke have both used it to fine effect. I must admit, I can dig it.

On the song, "All You Girls," Vesta Williams takes her turn with the 60's retro feel. With Vesta's brassy and powerful contralto, you wouldn't expect her to miss. She doesn't. As a matter-of-fact, "All You Girls" may be one of her best songs. While she doesn't display any of the vocal acrobatics that she was known for, she turns in a performance that is soulful, sultry, and striking. 

Ms. Williams died two years; this album was released this year. Both sadly and ironically, this album is one of her best. It's a call to women to love and respect themselves. It's also about self-reflection. As she states, "Don't always think that I had it together." She's grown and she's encouraging others to grow. It's encouragement that applies to all you boys and all you girls!

Enjoy the sound, the lyrics, and the voice. There weren't many voices like Vesta's, and it will be missed. 



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