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"The New Groove" - Ivan the Paynter

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Ivan the Paynter told me to check out his new track. It's called "The New Groove." But he admits in the opening lyrics it's an "old school song." Think Digital Underground, think a Tribe Called Quest. It's got keyboard; it's got horns. Think funky rap. 

Here's why I say that some of the best music isn't being played on the radio. Indie music allows for retro, renaissance, and creativity. And when the artists isn't chasing fame, it allows them to step out of the box and create - or recreate - infinite grooves. Even Ivan states that sometimes modern music chokes. And I'm tempted to agree with him.

"The New Groove" isn't for those who like their rap hardcore. Ivan the Paynter says that if you're "sick of the radio, then this is the cure."  I'd add that if you like your rap with a groove, if you like your rap with a bit of funk, then let Paynter paint you his picture.

(Paynter paint you a picture. Was that a bad line? Nah ... I don't think so. LOL)



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