Sunday, 01 December 2013 21:35

"Without Your Love" - Bang, You're Dead

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Reverbnation describes Bang, You're Dead as "electronica/soul." Those are two genres that don't seem quite compatible. Yet, in their song "Without Your Love," the group pulls off the marriage of these two sounds quite nimbly.

Lead singer Jes Hudak is soulful (ala Elle Goulding), and her voice is both haunting and ethereal over a beat provided by her partner-in-crime DJ Quickie Mart. There is a yearning to the vocals that makes the song emotionally insistent, perhaps sad, but not melancholy. And the beat never overwhelmes the song. 

My suggestion: explore "Electronica/Soul" with Bang, You're Dead. Diversity is a good thing, and they've produced a quality sound and a quality song. I can dig it. As a matter-of-fact, it's going on my iTunes.




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