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Sunday, 24 November 2013 22:40

"Cookies and Cream" - Noelle Bean

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Noelle Bean's bio describes her as a cross between Taylor Swift, Lily Allen, and Colbie Caillat. While there is something about the tone of Noelle's voice that, at times, invokes Lily Allen. I've never heard Colbie quite as fun or as sassy (can I use that word?) as Noelle sounds here.

As for Taylor Swift, I typically turn off the radio when she comes on. So I can't weigh in on that comparison. 

So ... I was on reverbnation today - the home of the unsigned artist - searching for good music to review. About an hour into my search, I stumbled across Noelle's delicious "Cookie and Cream." In the song she sings, "Hot chocola-ta and butterscotch," it's 100% playful and 100% pop. 

By the time the song was over, and I had started to listen to her song "Cops and Robbers," not only had I heard Lily Allen, I had heard some Duffy, and maybe even a little Fiona. All three of those ladies share a brand of soulful pop, and Noelle well-deserves to be in their company.