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"Hush" - RC and the Gritz

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RC and the Gritz.

Grits because they are the epitome of soul food? Or grits because the word implies the need for grit, for strength, for resilience? Perhaps their name - RC and the Gritz - is a fusion of both ideas. Because fusion is what RC and the Gritz have stirred up in their gumbo called "Hush."

The lyrics themselves are simple: "I'm about to lose my cool. Girl, you need to hush."

And just as good soul food starts with simple ingredients and then is layered with all types of spicy, sugary, and salty goodness, so it this song. This song is a boiling pot of soul and hip hop. It's a sprinking of jazz, pinch of funk, and sauteed in R&B.

The song is not meant to be an appetizer, it's the main course. It's a delicious bowl of grits. Give it a listen and eat up. While you're doing that, sit back and enjoy the video. I gotta say, I keep seeing great videos by Dallas' artist; and I keep seeing Jeff Adair's named attached to them ... 


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