Wednesday, 20 November 2013 21:22

"Lipstick on her Cigar" - Chris Robinson

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Chris has been teasing us for weeks about the release of his new song "Lipstick on her Cigar." We are happy to say the day has finally arrived.

If you know Chris and his work, then you know his guitar playing is stellar. We'd expect that on any song. But being a stellar guitar player doesn't mean that you can emote with your guitar. And that's exactly what he does here. The song is tense, dramatic, striking - everything the blues is meant to be. At one point, I expected Bobby "Blue" Bland to start singing because Chris has invoked such intense feeling. 

The mystery of the blues is that the threat isn't always clear. And it isn't clear here. Is there a threat? Why is there lipstick on her cigar? I don't know. So I guess I'll listen again. Until I figure it out. 


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