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"Our Freedom" - Trylogi

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"Our Freedom" by Trylogi is not about our freedom. It's about the sacrifices that have been made to attain and retain that freedom. It's a song of deep appreciation meant to honor the men and women who leave family and friends to fight for liberty.

The three ladies of Trylogi exchange lead vocals on a song that reminds us that freedom isn't alway free, and thus they are compelled to thank these soldiers "for the way they keep us safe."

While the song kicks off with a bit of  a rap/spoken-word-prose, at its heart, it's a country song. Country music has a uniquely American heritage. And the group seeks to honor America, its heritage, and its freedom in their tune.

Just as the song is a touching tribute, the video is as well. The group says "thank you" face-to-face, and the soldiers beam in appreciation.

Never should someone's sacrifice be taken for granted. And in this song, Trylogi reminds us how true that statement is. 



"Our Freedom" - Trylogi
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