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"Look Me In My Eyes" - Lil YG Rilla

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"Look Me In My Eyes" is Lil YG Rilla's request. If you do so, you'll find him baring his soul as he reflects on who he is and where came from.

The tale isn't a happy one, unless you consider the fact that Rilla has the talent and the depth to share his story a happy ending. Even if so, the trials along the way are not to be forgotten.  

Rilla borders on instrospection when he states he hustles because hustling is the only game he knows. He recounts getting his first gun at fifteen. He bemoans the friends he's lost to the game. And he questions why all his "niggas gettin' sent to prison."

A friend of mine was standing beside me as I played it. He said, "that's some real shit." True. A sad reality for too many bruthas. But Lil YG ain't bragging. He's just sharing his truth.

Lil YG Rilla. He invites us to look into his eyes. Yet, in this tale, he's taken the time to look into his own. 


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