Tuesday, 12 November 2013 16:28

"Disco Queen" - Ishi

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I'm always amazed at the amount of musical talent that exists. The strange thing is where it exists. It's not always at the top of the charts. Sometimes the best musicians are the ones who are grinding, day-in-day-out, without a major label.

You can add Ishi to the list. Recently selected as the Best Electronic Act in Dallas, Ishi is releasing soulful funky house - the kind you groove and move to.

Let's take "Disco Queen" as an example. While no one would call Ishi "dancers," the song makes you wanna dance. Actually, it makes you wanna find your Disco Queen (or King) and, as Ishi puts it, "collide to the rhythm of the night." Give it a listen and you'll understand why their music has been described as kinetic!

The song is another example of great electronca. So an ode to Ishi and a Disco Queen (whoever theirs and yours may be).

Mine was Donna Summer - may she rest in peace.


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