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So we read all types of books with a preference for self-published and indie. Self-published books, even the great ones, get the least respect and have the hardest time with marketing. Here is an opportunity to get your book reviewed and/or exposed.

There are three options.

  1. Free book review – A free book review is simply that. You tell us a little about you and your book, you mail us a copy, and if one of our reviewers is intrigued, we read and review it. Simple and straight foward. It's a great option if time isn't a big deal and our reading load is light.

  2. Not quite free but pretty cheap – Same set up as Option 1, except you email us a copy of the book. If a reviewer wants to read it, we contact you, and you contribute 10 dollars to the cause. (That covers the cost of riding to Fedex and printing off a copy of your book – and maybe a Starbucks venti on the way.)

  3. Paid book review – This option guarantees a review. And it's still pretty cheap. Unless you're book is amazingly long, it's 50 dollars. You email us the book, we assign a reviewer, and within 2/3 weeks, you have a review posted on the site (and one to use on your book as well).

*Of course, “guarantee” doesn't mean a guarantee of a good review. But you know that already. Paid reviews will receive a copy of their review to preview. Free reviews will be posted as is. Either way, we will notify you when your review will be posted.

Advertising – We are happy to create a slider for you and link to your site, where your book can be purchased, or any other place. Or you can submit a slide to us and we can do the same. Shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in promoting your book here.

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