The Miseducation of a Zombie


The Miseducation of a Zombie

"You don't just turn someone into a Zombie or a Werewolf or a Vampire. That shit's been illegal for over fifty years, even if the victim is willing. No, there are protocols to follow. You go to the Bureau of Reassignment, you get tested; you get a permit. The victim needs to see a therapist, talk to their doctor, and sometimes receive hormone injections before the procedure even begins. No one is stupid enough do that stuff in back alleys anymore."

But "turned" Zombies are appearing. And if the resulting violence doesn't destroy the nation, then the truth behind what's happening will.

Vic, Senior Serenity Ambassador, is tasked with preventing the Zombie-Apocalypse. But how can he? He's juggling his love life, coming to grips with his own prejudices, and he hasn't slept for days — not with a moody Nymph sitting on his doorstep.

All Vic wants is his happy ending. But he's about to learn that some fairy tales don't end well.


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