Sometimes You Gotta Laugh


Sometimes You Gotta Laugh

Jordan Spencer is thirty-six and hasn't had a relationship that's lasted more than six months. He's cool with that, though. He's got space issues. And what difference does it make anyway? He has his two best friends Gabby and Chris for happy hours, clubs, and weekend hangouts. But Gabby is falling for a guy that Jordan doesn't like and Chris-the-sex-machine is having a phallic crisis.
Jordan thought that their friendship would last forever. But with each day, they drift further apart. Without Gabby and Chris at his side, Jordan finds himself facing his own emotional loneliness. Should he fight for the friends who have become his family? Or has the season of their friendship passed?
Jordan Spencer will learn that in a world full of swingers, lies, and drag queens, even the best of friends occasionally lie to each other. Sometimes they cry for each other. But in the end, sometimes you just gotta laugh ...


"*** A quick, entertaining, read, with quick chapters set to the soundtrack of Jordan's life ..." Sacramento Review

"**** Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh," is one of those books that you pick up and read right through in one go ..."

"**** Timothe Davis does a wonderful job at creating very real and believable friendships, and very vivid characters ..."

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