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"The Oasis of Filth" Part 1 - Keith Soares

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The Oasis of Filth by Keith Soares is a story narrated by a family doctor 10 years after the outbreak of a rare disease RL2013; a hybrid of rabies and leprosy. RL2013 changes normal people into violent, raging, blood thirsty zombies.

The government seals off cities in order to keep the infected away from the non-infected. However, life within the walls isn't what it used to be. With no cure imminent, the government believes that keeping the environment within the walls sanitized will help to one day overcome the disease. "Stay clean. Stay alive," becomes the mantra for those not infected and living in fear has become the norm - fear of the disease and fear of the government.

When the doctor meets Rosa, they become fast friends. Rosa is intrigued by the possibility the rumored Oasis exists. The Oasis is a safe place free of zombies and free of the disease; a myth and legend to most, but something people don't talk about. Unfortunately, her fascination with the Oasis gets back to the government and she is taken away.

This story is at times unsettling because it's so believable, which is a testament to the author. Keith Soares has written a fast-paced, extremely clever and witty, story. One of my favorite lines was, "These days there were only two types of people infected and not infected. I imagine racism was finally conquered." This speaks to what is truly at the heart of the story. It's not so much about the zombies, as it is about people, and how we choose to unite under extreme adversity.

Keith Soares manages to fit in plenty of action and just enough character development for a short story. It's like riding a rollercoaster through twists and turns and then comes to an abrupt end with a jolt. This leaves the reader not only stunned, but wanting to know more...thank goodness there is a sequel!

Reviewed by Brandi Harrington



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