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"The Hopeless Pastures" Keith Soares

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The Oasis of Filth – Part 2
The Hopeless Pastures

"The Oasis of Filth" delivered a sudden and shocking conclusion. In "The Hopeless Pastures," part two of the trilogoy, Keith Soares provides an impressive follow up that picks up where "Oasis" ends.

The doctor now lives outside the city walls, in a shack hidden deep in the woods. His companion is Addy, a rugged but loyal dog. They eek out their existence as the doctor, a man in his 60's, grapples with feelings of futility and hopelessness – what does he have to live for? This changes, though, when Alain, another refugee, discovers them.

Alain is a welcome addition to their family and having another human presence seems to reinvigorate the doctor's spirit and outlook. They eventually settle into living a "comfortable" but cautious existence, acutely aware that their world is filled with blood lusting zombies infected with the highly contagious RL2013 virus, as well as other refugees fighting for their own survival.

With "The Hopeless Pastures", it's as if Soares knew the reader would need a moment to exhale, digest, and come to terms with what happened at the end of Part 1. Although the story slows down a little, it doesn't become monotonous or boring. Like the characters in the book, as a reader, you can't let your guard down for too long. Before you know it, you are smacked in the face with a twist and the pace picks up like a runaway train. All aboard for the book number three!

You can check out the cover art for the third and final installment in the series, "From Blood Reborn" Part 3 at www.keithsoares.com.

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