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Love In Translation - Sara Palacios

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Emily’s love life is a mess. She recently discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating, and she can’t get herself together, despite the support of her two best friends Sophie and Deana.

Too many shots of vodka can blur your vision, and give you a hangover. But as Emily’s vision clears, she realizes that she can’t settle; that she has to be strong.

Will Emily’s broken heart mend? It looks like it will when handsome chef Andres walks into her life.

But then good-looking Steven – who’s always been there – proclaims his love.

What’s a girl to do? And who is she to choose?

“Love in Translation,” the debut novel by Sara Palacios is an easy-read, and any woman who has suffered a heartbreak will be able to relate to Emily’s sorrow. She’s had a tough break and is looking for a new love.

Sara P. does an impressive job of making the reader feel connected to Emily within the first few pages. It’s that investment in Emily that will keep the reader interested until the end. It kept me wanting to see Emily's "happily ever after."

I would like to have seen some greater development of the secondary characters. Emily is surrounded by some fun and interesting people that could have added another dynamic to the story. Nevertheless, the book reminded me of a movie “rom-com.” It’s sweet, light-hearted, and feel-good. The added bonus: You might learn a little Spanish when you read it!

Reviewed by Brandi Sawyer

Brandi is a former Kansas City Chief cheerleader, a newlywed, an avid reader, and isn’t afraid to drop the word “bitches” when appropriate.

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