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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 00:12

Celebration - Malice and Mario Sweet

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So this duo hit me up on twitter, followed me, and asked me to review their song. But by the time I was able to respond, they had unfollowed me. What can ya do? I try to respond to everyone in some way, form, or fashion. And seriously, I'm not that popular. My turn around time isn't much more than three or four days. But I digress. They asked me to listen, and as you know, I listen. Or, in this case, I gave it to my special correspondent to review.

His thoughts:

Celebration: the song has potential. It's a nice groove and the vocalists appear to be good vocalists. But the vocals in themselves are average. As for the lyrics, they are okay. Although they do get better the longer the track plays. 

While I appreciate the group's attempt to reference the past, at times they seemed to be copying it. And this theme - past musical references - seemed to run throughout the four or five songs I heard on this album.  Instead of etching out their own sound, the group's identity is lost admist the sounds of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. To channel the past can be appropriate and honorable. But to be sure, it requires a contemporary twist.

There is potential here. They just need to mine it.



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