Saturday, 21 December 2013 21:33

"Peace of Mind" Cash Bilz

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Smoothly produced and flawlessly delivered, Brooklyn rapper Cash Bilz is asking for "Peace of Mind" on his mixtape.

I'll admit, I'm a bit picky about my rap music. Do I love the genre? Yeah. But there's a tendency for rap artists to deliver the same gangsta shit, the same boastful shit, and the same sad stories over and over again. I get it. Those stories represent some lives. Yet, if those are the stories an artist is sharing, deliver them to me with some nice beats and tight lyrics.

I'm a writer. Lyrics mean everything.

Fortunately, Bilz delivers both on this joint. He's struggling; he's frustrated; he's got no support. But the rhymes are on point, mixing both timeless references - "I'm underground like Harriet" - to more current - "And I dunk on your hoop dreams."

As in all poetry, there are simple rhymes and there are more complex ones. Bilz has deferred to the more complex ones; and he doesn't miss on his delivery. 

The song is short. Too short. And that's a compliment to what he's done. I was nodding my head the entire song, and you will be as well. 

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