Friday, 22 November 2013 16:49

"Parkway" - Gaelle Adisson

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I've never been the victim of a stalking. But I know it ain't sexy. I'm no fool. Getting your tires slashed, being followed by a not-so-covert vehicle, someone peeping through your window-blinds ... it's ain't cool, and it ain't sexy.

Yet, while I realize this, I must admit that in the song "Parkway," Gaelle Adisson has crafted a sexy and serene melody about stalking. Is the chick crazy?? She is, and she owns it. She acknowledges with no shame, "I'm not your average bitch."

Ever hear a song and think, where was I when this song came out? That's what I wondered when I stumbled upon "Parkway" and the album"Transient." I was sorry that it took me so long to come across it. Check out her electronica love song "Falling" or the Pop-oriented "Give it Back" you'll know what I mean.

Beautiful women are most men's achilles heel, including the crazy beautiful ones. In "Parkway" Gaelle is both beautiful and crazy. And I have to admit, I'd still fuck with her. Maybe that makes me crazy too. 


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