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Loud Places - Jamie xx (feat. Romy)

"Didn't I take you to higher places you can't reach without me?" so Remy questions a loss love on the song "Loud Places." And while she may have taken him high, she's come to realize that it wasn't enough. Consequently, the object of her affection continues to search for more. Gentle and angst ridden, Jamie xx and Remy have collaborated on an ethereal sounding down-tempo house groove that demands repeated plays.

Quite frankly, the song could be about anything "illicit" - sex, love, drugs. But being the romantic that I are (yes - I are) I choose to think it's not about losing love. But about coming to the realization that it's lost.

Remy says that she won't be around when he comes down. But you and I will be, playing this song over again and again.

Loud Places is the type of song that deserves airplay. As I understand, it's also on the debut release of Jamie xx. Here's looking to what else Jamie xx has in store musically for us. 


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Saturday, 08 March 2014 13:08

Rhythm & Bloop - Professor Shyguy

Chiptunes: a form of music derived from using the sound chips of old 80's electronics: nintendo, arcade games, and video consoles. Think remixing "Donkey Kong" into an electronica song. Up until this point, all the chiptunes I've heard have fallen squarely into the "house/electronica" groove.

Enter Professor Shyguy. He has combined chiptunes with some 90's classics (Blackstreet, En Vogue, Aaliyah, and TLC, to name a few) for a decidedly fresh take on R&B and chiptunes. Don't get me wrong, it's still electronica. But the songs are R&B.

If you don't enjoy electronica, then you probably won't enjoy chiptunes. But if you do enjoy chiptunes, then this album is very much worth the listen. I was expecting a humorous take on these songs. But this is serious music: from the falsetto ala Justin Timberlake to the variety of talented guest stars. 

For those who aren't old enough to appreciate the 90's, there are a couple of more current remakes including "Tightrope" and "Wrecking Ball."

In his own words, he's mixed "classics into another classic." 

My favorites: "Are You That Somebody." "Poison", and "Heartbreaker."


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Sunday, 02 February 2014 16:35

New Music Releases February 2014

Most of these songs are available on iTunes or Bandcamp. Please check back as we update you on the most recent releases.


"Slingers" - Rob Marciano and Knowledge the Pirate have a hot collabo and a new song from the mixtape "The Pimpire Strikes Back."

"What Is To Be Major" - Barsheem, soulful NY crooner, releases his album on the most appropriate of days – Valentine's Day.

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