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There's something almost disconcertingly sweet about Nayah. She's friendly, sincere, appreciative, and two minutes into the interview, she giggles.

It's an odd but wonderful juxtaposition from a girl who wants to own the dance floor ala Beyonce and Rihanna but at heart is thoughtful and modest.

To speak with Nayah is to speak with someone who knows the blessing of having family surround her and understands the strong foundation it has provided.

Nayah started singing at the tender age of nine. As she tells it, she'd follow her sisters at family get-togethers, admiring how they would sing for others, but much too shy to perform herself. One Christmas, her mother convinced her to sing "Silent Night." The rest is history. Nayah's talent was abundantly clear, and her love for singing was apparent. It wasn't long before Nayah was taking voice and dance lessons, while being coached as an artist by her mother and father.

Nayah's appreciation for those experiences is clear: She can't help but sing praises about her sisters and their "beautiful voices." She shares how her parents have provided wonderful support during good and bad seasons. And she talks about her sister T-Dani's ability to write songs.

This foundation, this background, helps provide Nayah's life with balance. Not only is Nayah a singer, she's also a college student. And her education is important to her as her music.

"My goal is to walk across the stage with my Masters and to walk across the stage and perform. I'm going to do that."
Balance, though, is more than just spending the proper time studying for school and working on her artistry. Balance is also about being the artists she wants to be and presenting the "right" Nayah to her audience. It's about being true to her core.

"Nowadays, we listen to anything that has a beat or rhythm. And sometimes you don't think of the message. You think, it's a cool beat. But I want to create the message that I want. I want it to relate to my age, and situations that happen to young girls and guy. Personally I want people to understand me as an artist, and that I can relate [to what they've been through].

"I want you to be able to listen to the lyrics and have a great time jamming to it as well."

What Nayah doesn't want to do is to get caught up. She admits that there are a lot of things that can distract an artist. And if you don't know who you are, if you don't have the proper mindset, you can make decisions you regret.

It's hard to imagine that someone as modest as Nayah will get caught up. While she doesn't put her voice in a genre, she admits that she does get compared to Rihanna quite often. Her response?

"I feel very humble when someone comes up to me and says that your music sounds like Rihanna. She's an amazing artist."

When you bring up her loyal and ever-growing fan base, she beams. "I'm so thankful to have them and I appreciate them. If I could thank every one of them, I would." Sweet and appreciative.

So what's next for Nayah? She recently released "Lights Out," her follow up to her hit "BLVD." 2014 will bring new songs, a new video, and continued growth as an artist.

Nayah is a star on the rise – brilliant, beautiful, but humble – as any shining star should be.


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