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Marty A. Johnson

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Marty A. Johnson” – he’s not a household name. But with thirty thousand followers on Twitter and a talk show that has expanded to NYC and LA, it won’t be long before he becomes one.

Marty comes from humble beginnings. He admits his roots in Connecticut were dysfunctional, his family was poor, drugs were rampant, and he could never find where he fit. He escaped to North Carolina not just for a reluctant-trip to college but for normalcy.

Those beginnings have made him a complex character – he has an easy laugh but a sharp tongue, generous to his friends but suspicious of strangers, ready to make the next move but concerned where it will take him.

Even if the ghosts of the past still sometimes haunt him, he refuses to focus on them. Instead, he focuses on the music. Music provided solace through the troubled times, and, perhaps because of that, Marty loves music - always has, always will. It’s his passion. It’s his fire. About ten years ago, Marty decide to parlay that passion into his dream job.

Those who know Marty well know that he has the gift of gab. And he has an incredible gift for recalling nuance information about recording artists – record sales, first albums, best collaborations, number of Grammy wins.

So Marty took these gifts and, with nothing more than sheer desire, started “The Muzic Lounge,” a television show dedicated to spotlighting “the stars of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

It didn’t come easy.

Many episodes were shot in Marty’s house or at local hotels or auditoriums. Friends and acquaintances said they wanted to help, but when it came time to film or do a show, Marty would find himself struggling to find anyone to hold a camera. And when you’re the new kid on the block, what known artist or record label wants to give you the time of day, much less a full interview?

Nevertheless, Marty persevered and next year he will celebrate his 100th episode – a milestone for any television show.

Over the years, he has expanded his show beyond Raleigh, North Carolina, and moved into major markets like Atlanta, New York, and LA.

He’s also has had the pleasure of interviewing some of his favorite stars, including Miguel, En Vogue, and Lil Wayne. He’s stood on the red carpet for the Grammys and is a familiar face at the Billboard Awards.

“Hey, Marty!” Everyone from Shanice to Pete Rock and CL Smooth to Marsha Ambrosius have called those words.

Marty has become an entertainment host.

Yet even as he focuses on current stars, Marty supports the “up-and-comers.” Every show features and unsigned artist, and he encourages artists with a song and a video to contact him.

Of course, with the success does come the hate: the people who are jealous of his success, the people who started before him only to see him surpass them, and those who are just plain ol negative.

Marty states that it irritates him at times. He doesn’t shit on someone else’s success. Why should they shit on his? In the end, though, he knows who his friends are.

As he puts it, “Real friends give everything but expect nothing but to see you succeed.”

Succeed Marty has and succeed Marty will.

Heads up! Marty A. Johnson has 30K followers and a TV show. What's next? Marty A. Johnson conquers the world.


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