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Larry g(EE) - Dallas Soul Singer

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The Dallas Observer recently chose Larry (g)EE as the best soul singer in Dallas. He's a star on the verge and he took a few moments to talk with us: 

1.You're often described as "soulful." Is there a difference between "soul" music and "R&B?" If so, what is it? And how do you capture that soulful sound? You know I'm not quite sure between the two sounds. Both are steeped in tradition. But the thing about music is it's all up to the listener. I like that deeper perspective because I think it expands the lane and allows someone like myself who's essentially not a fit-in-the-pocket R&B musician to exist in both. Capturing a soulful to me is all about pouring out every honest emotion out of you every time you hit the stage or write a song. It has to be honest in order to capture it.

2.What was the Jimmy Kimmel performance like? It was so much fun and such a great opportunity for us to share our music on a national stage. It's opened up so many doors for us.

3.Describe yourself in 3 words - Loyal, passionate, and funny

4.Does the [musical] journey ever get frustrating? And, if so, how do you handle it? Not really. You have your days obviously but never to the point of frustrating. I'm thankful for the journey.

5.Do you date women who drink Patron? A few years ago I would say yes. Now? Not so much.

6.If you could meet/duet with any artist (no longer living) who would it be? And why? Amy Winehouse. Her voice is so unique and timeless. Her album "Back to Black" inspired most of the sounds you hear on my EP "Weekends".

7.What's the Dallas music scene like? It's growing every day. So many good artists from so many different genres. The future of music in this city is promising for sure.

8.When did you realize you could sing? I think it was when I won a talent show as a freshman in college singing a Brian McKnight song. I remember walking up on stage and hearing people laugh at me but then shutting up and giving me a standing ovation when I finished the song.

9.Has the popularity of hip hop and producer-driven songs killed "real" music? Again I feel like it's all up to the listener. I'm a big fan of hip-hop so personally I don't think it has.

10.What's next for Larry g(EE)? We're headlining a New Year's Eve party at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas (Gilley's) called "NYgEE" with The Rich Girls and the Party Police.


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