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Enertia McFly

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Inertia (in physics): “The property of a matter which retains its velocity, speeding or slowing only when acted upon.”

Enertia (in music): “The force of a man who retains his velocity, then speeds it and slows based on the beat, the groove, and the sounds around him.”  Let the beat hit them! Better yet, hit them with the beat!

Enertia Mcfly is hot right now and he’s getting hotter. If you haven’t heard his latest single, “Go To Twerk,” then you’re missing one of the best independently produced hip hop songs of the summer. A song that is being added weekly to music markets across the country.

Despite his ever-increasing velocity on the music scene, Entertia Mcfly remains humble and approachable. While, he talks of being more than a rapper; he is an artist, his laughter comes quick and easy and his friendliness is disarming.

We caught up with Enertia when he had several things on his mind: his latest single, his collabo with Will.I.Am, working out at the gym, and hooping on the basketball court, to name but a few.


Enertia, I’ve heard you say that you’re not a rapper, you’re an artist. Tell us more about that.

“I’m not a writer, I’m not a rapper. I’m an artist. Don’t get me wrong. All of them are great. But certain rappers can’t write, and some writers can’t perform. Saying I’m a rapper can make me sound one-dimensional; I want to do it all.”

As an artist, finding your own sound has to be important. Can you talk about that process?

 When you come into the game, you are influenced by a particular artist and  when you do songs initially, you tend to sound like whoever you are a fan of. I got alot of Twista and Busta Rhymes. While, I was honored to be in that box, I realized that the comparisons made me sound stagnant. We don’t need another one of them because we already have them!

It took me some time to accept the fact that you can sound a little too much like someone. Once I realized that, I began to realize that I needed to be Enertia Mcfly and not the guy that sounds like Luda or Twista.

Ultimately, it became an organic process as I focused on what I like and what I wanted to present. 


Speaking of your sound, how would you describe it?

Lyrically, I’m a metaphoric guy, not only witty but I go for “Oh wow! I didn’t see that coming!” But I also like double-time twisting mixed with slow. Basically, I’m a rollercoaster of talent and fun ...


Where would you say you’re in your career right now?

I’m at the beginning … still scratching the surface. I’m smarter than where I was when I got my first deal four years ago. But there’s still so much more for me to do.

I’ve worked, who is an absolute genius. He’s bona fide, a mad scientist. I felt myself becoming a better artist because of him. You feel me?

I’d also love to work with Drake. K Lamar, Big Sean, Timbaland, Pharrell …


Your single, “Go To Twerk,” has gotten incredible reviews. Tell us about it.

You know, every artist likes their newest stuff. That’s natural. Aside from “Betty Crocker,” a song I did with Lil Wayne, it’s my favorite single to date. The process for both was so organic.


We know we are holding you up from the gym and basketball court. So just a couple more questions. You’ve worked with, Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, and others. How do you stay so grounded?

My mother whopping my ass! (He laughs a lot.) Andrea Taylor! She raised me differently.

I don’t believe you have to be a dick to get respect. People love you more when they see your accomplishments and you can say “Hey, how you’re doing? It’s nice to meet you.”

I understand it can be tough. But my mother taught me to respect your peers and your fans. They’re fans for a reason.


What would you be doing if you weren’t in the music game?

I love fashion. But if I wasn’t in music, I’d be in sports – coaching, playing. I’m a football junkie and the Eagles is my favorite team. (Sorry, Cowboys!)


Toughest Question of the interview: If you had your choice of having the critical acclaim of Talib Kweli but minor commercial success or the commercial success of Nelly but little critical success, what would we choose? (We almost stumped him on this question.)

Damn! Nobody has ever asked me that. Let me think about that.

Talib Kweli vs. Nelly. I look at Nelly, he was so successful at just being him. But Talib, I don’t know whether he’s rapping or talking directly to me. So he wasn’t the top notch guy in record sales, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t successful.

I have two sons, I want to be successful for them. I want to be remembered like Talib but have that in between success. I want to leave something for my sons to carry on.  


Enertia is an artist on the rise. “Go To Twerk” is climbing the charts. He refers to Jeff Adair – the video producer – as amazing! And because he’s been ripping and running, including running to the gym," he couldn’t linger for long. “I’m getting the body in shape. Plus, I’m gonna pick up a basketball game," were his final words.  So we let him go.

We talked to him a couple days later. He made it to gym. But he didn’t hit the hoops. Nevertheless, the energy is there and he’s proving to be an unstoppable force. He is inertia. 

For more on Enertia, check out his interview with Vibe.



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