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Dream Work Conquer - Jeff Adair

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East Texas is known more for its cowboys and country boys than its cinematic accomplishments. Yet it birthed Dallas's premier video producer: Jeff Adair

Jeff Adair is a native of East Texas who relocated to Dallas in 2006 with a corporate editing and producing gig. While the work was good and the money was better, what Adair wanted to do was flex his artistic muscle; he wanted to direct films. So in 2010, he joined forces with a couple of producers and went independent. Now he is directing some of the most artistic and visually compelling videos in the state. He's proud of his work with RC and the Gritz, A.Dd+, Pooca Leroy, Hulk Entertainment, and Juicy J and Project Pat Whiz. He should be. His work can be seen on MTV and YouTube, and it is flawless.

But that's the middle of the story. The story starts in East Texas where Adair spent his afternoons skateboarding with his friends. To talk to him, his journey from skater to producer sounds almost organic.

"I grew up in the country but was watching videos from Cali. My brothers were cowboys and shit but I was obsessed with skating and skate videos. And I tried to mimic what I'd see with a handheld."

Obsession or love? Who's to say? Perhaps they are two sides of the same coin. In either case, it drove him to move from East Texas to Cali and then to Dallas, all in an attempt to hone his craft.

Pursuing his dream paid off. Sixteen months ago he opened up his own studio, and all the while he has been producing, writing, and directing videos. Requests to collaborate stream through his door daily.

Ask Adair why he's been so successful and he states, "People see my grind, and they can relate it to their own. They know I'm trying to make the best product for them and for my brand."

The best product includes conceptualizing unique videos for all of his clients. "It's always different ... as I try to gauge the best visual."

Of course, Adair believes that videos are of paramount importance to music artists nowadays. But that belief isn't self-serving; it's genuine.

"Music and videos go hand-in-hand in today's day and age. It's more than posting your song to YouTube. You definitely have to have a video. If you have a song, people can see you and be your fan. My suggestion: Work within your budget, find a film director film and start building a visual portfolio; that's the blueprint."

Not that this comes easy, even for Adair. "In the entertainment business you have to be superhuman, you gotta make sacrifices, make investments, and find a friend."

He also encourages creativity, "Do shit that is different. Whether you're standing in front of a car or you have chicks shaking their ass. Keep it creative. Stay open minded, and remember that everyone is fighting for the spotlight."

That's Adair's start. But what's his future? To make more videos, of course, but also to increase their budgets, upp the scale, and to connect with major labels.

Not to mention, what video producer/director doesn't want to segue into the movie business?

Adair already has a few movies under his belt, he's listed on IMDB, and he's been nominated for a several awards. But he craves more.

"I want to move to the West Coast and produce and direct a found footage movie like "Paranormal." I'd like to start out as a short form movie director in Cali - living, surfing, and skating with my family – and grow into a commercial movie producer with an Indie flair."

Big dreams indeed! But Adair believes that you dream, you work, and then you conquer. The mantra has worked for him in the past. If it continues guiding him, it won't be long before his dreams are reality.


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