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Heavy Rotation

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I listen to a lot of music. If you've spent 5 seconds on this blog (and I hope you've spent longer), then you know that. And I like a little bit of everything. Rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, alternative ... I just don't like my country too twangy.

Sometimes I come across music becomes someone makes a suggestion and other times I'm searching the internet for it. Either way, when I really like a song - I mean really like it - I open my wallet, sift through the cobwebs, and I buy it.  I mean, that's how we show support right? So here is a list of songs that I purchased in the last five weeks (or would purchase if the song was available on iTunes or as a MP3).  Of course, there are always some songs I would purchae. But they aren't available. 

Just as a note: these are mostly indie/self-published songs (not major labels). These are the songs that shoud be getting played (or more play) on the radio. So in no particular order ...


2. Without My Love - Bang, Your Dead

3. Show Em What You Got - Bobby Electric

4. Alright - Bryan Poppin

5. Gettin' It - the Bodegas Brovaz

6. Love Me Right! - Swag Geeks

7. Right Mistake - Shawn Mayer

8. All You Girls - Vesta

9. Sun Is Shining - Bob Marley remixed

10. Hush - RC & The Gritz


(Full reviews are available on the site.)

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