About Me

When my friend told me that I needed to write an “about me” page, I objected. I told him that I don't like all that self-congratulatory bullshit. I'm a nobody. Just a guy who loves words with a friend who's good at building websites. (More on that later). But he convinced me that I should say something. People who stop by need to know that they are talking to the right guy. That's what he said. So I acquiesced. Not because I think that I'm the right guy. Primarily because he won this debate! “Round 1 to you, my friend!”

So … about me … Hmmm … What do I say? I'm a lover of words, of music, of art, of movies, of culture.

When I was eight, I remember wanting to write comic books for a living. What eight year old kid wants to do that? Most of my friends were talking about being police officers or firemen. But I was sitting in my house writing “Batman” stories.

Fast forward many (many) moons and my love for words hasn't died. I can get distracted by word choice. Selecting the proper word ... it's like a mathematical equation. What word fits this puzzle? Which one conveys what I'm thinking with precision?

I started my first book when I was visiting Barcelona. Conquering one item on my “bucket list” (solo trip to Spain) inspired me to try to conquer another (publish a book). And while my book is far from perfect, it's mine. My words. My passion. My heart.

What I didn't know at the start but I quickly learned was the process was much harder than I could ever imagine. Writing, editing, marketing, and being reviewed. I didn't realize how difficult reviews would be to come by. But that difficulty was good for it partially inspired this site. I wanted a place where I could have a voice – share my words – and allow others a portal to share theirs.

Hence, in my mind, this site will ultimately do many things. Review my books. Review yours. Share music. Give my thoughts. (I wanted to use the word “insights” but felt that might be a bit of an oversell). And both randomly and methodically connect people.

So please take a look around. Connect with me here. Or on Twitter. I'm working on my Twitter game now. Provide feedback. Share your insights. And say a few words. I'm glad you're here.


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