Sometimes You Gotta Laugh

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Jordan Spencer is thirty-six and hasn't had a relationship that's lasted more than six months. He's cool with that, though. He's got space issues. And what difference does it make anyway? He has his two best friends Gabby and Chris for happy hours, clubs, and weekend hangouts. But Gabby is falling for a guy that Jordan doesn't like and Chris-the-sex-machine is having a phallic crisis...

The Miseducation of the Zombie

The Miseducation of a Zombie

"You don't just turn someone into a Zombie or a Werewolf or a Vampire. That shit's been illegal for over fifty years, even if the victim is willing. No, there are protocols to follow. You go to the Bureau of Reassignment, you get tested; you get a permit. The victim needs to see a therapist, talk to their doctor, and sometimes receive hormone injections before the procedure even begins. No one is stupid enough do that stuff in back alleys anymore."

About Me


When my friend told me that I needed to write an “about me” page, I objected. I told him that I don't like all that self-congratulatory bullshit. I'm a nobody. Just a guy who loves words with a friend who's good at building websites. (More on that later). But he convinced me that I should say something. People who stop by need to know that they are talking to the right guy. That's what he said...



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Kenya's "Let Me" is a refreshing testament to the power of skillful vocals, solid songwriting, and experienced production. "Let Me" is an song that invites its listener to become...

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24 April 2015

"Artist Spotlight" Akira means intelligent, bright, clear. Having said that, independent hip hop artist Akira's mission is crystal clear: he wants to take his mixtape swag, overlay it with commercial appeal,...

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15 April 2015

Denitia Sene have love on their mind (cue Natalie Cole) on their 4 track EP entitled "Side FX." When love is at its best, it's wonderful and reciprocated....


10 April 2015

"Infliction," the dark and disturbing assembled footage documentary of two brothers' 2011 murder spree in NC, is now available via DVD, VOD, and digital HD. Jack Thomas Smith, award winning...

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